I am Neten (Bell)! Highly empathic and intuitive spiritual teacher, I am a simple Being navigating this beautiful life and blessedly enjoying the present moment. A life enthusiast, traveler and holistic healing facilitator.


Is hard to recall the age when my inner transformation happened, sensitivity and empathy grew on me since I was a child and the human that embodies my spirit had gone through a lot of intense obstacles and deep traumas in others words difficult challenges, deeply transformative lessons. Experiences that have pushed me to question everything and dive deep into a very powerful spiritual journey of self-discovery. 


With years passing, I've begun to connect the dots and learned how to develop, hear and utilize my instinct and awareness, which has helped me to immediately understand and recognize everything around me, to See and release karmic patterns and toxic spinning energies, to surrender to what is as is, to see everything as my teacher, to forgive and love unconditionally, to grow and shift my reality. Observe instead of Engage.


Traveling the world since a young girl, exploring various cultures and traditions along with the experiences I have gone through have shaped and transformed me into the healer and teacher I now embody. With integrity and compassion as deeply rooted core values, I humbly share now my life-long trainings and processes in Human Behavior & Psyche, Psychology, Understanding Traumas, Karmic & Pain Body, Principles of Intuitive Eating, Integration, Holistic Healing involving Shamanic Wisdom and Plant Medicine or Indian Ayurvedic traditions like Meditation and Yoga. My purpose is to be fully present and to live in service for others helping them See and overcome self-limiting beliefs, find inner peace, transcend the ego-based state of consciousness thus achieve greater fulfillment in their lives. 

This online portal is a home for you and me, where we learn and grow together.  Is a place where you can find some answers or simply a friend. Feel free to get in touch with me if you feel this resonates with you and your journey.


With love and gratitude,                

Psychology & Human behavior & Psyche

Understanding Traumas and Addictions 

Integration counseling - Shamanic Plant medicine 

Shipibo Conibo Shamanic Training

Shamanic Plant Medicine Facilitation and Preparation

Spirituality and counseling

Meditation techniques

Intuitive Eating - Detox & Nourish


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